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Taking advantage of any digital channel is creative and also goal oriented task. How those two can work together?

The voice of a message it’s more than verbal sounding

Yes, it’s challenging concept so let’s not forget “in the beginning was the Word”. And the miracle of your art can have even better impact on the target audience with the proper voice.

Delivering the script effectively has many dimension:

  • QUALITY of the recording, the speech and the overall mastering
  • TONE of the narration and if it fits sounding formal, respectfully, enthusiastic or humorously.
  • RHYTHM build of speed, pauses and accents

Listen to the following content recorded with native Bulgarian voice over and find out how the copy of promo can be delivered as radio spot, TV ad or multimedia shared in the social networks:

Give a voice to your business.

Bring to life your digital communication.

Voice recording with male narration for multimedia and advertising.


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